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Grihani Honey Is that really negotiable??

Is that really negotiable??

Tired of being couch potato??? Want to lose weight but can’t get the motivation??

Ah! Losing weight is very tough! Perplexed while buying clothes because none of it fits you?

Do all these questions bother you too?? Now, no more bothering, you just need to know the right perspective of it.

There is no hyperbole in the statement,” HEALTH IS WEALTH”. With the advent of the fast forwarding era that we are so busy to have an eye on our own health. This negligible attitude leads to obesity among the people no matter to what age group they belong.

Around 40% of women and 12% men are abdominally obese in our country and the numbers are still increasing. I am sure you must have tried those tips and tricks to shape your body but is that really helped??

Since we are living in an era where chatgpt modifies your workout plans and diet but is that only your mind and body wants??



The primary issue among the people is that they don’t feel a need to know about their body type and how it functions. Strange! Isn’t it?  No matter what your fitness goal is, you must know about your body, what it needs at what time.

Overweight and underweight brings a lot of chaos and problems in the proper functioning of the body and directly affects the productivity level in an individual.




All causes of mortality is obesity. It brings up many health issues like- heart attacks, hypertension, gallbladder failure, diabetes, increase in cholesterol levels and what not.

Being overweight and underweight lowers your confidence graph abruptly.




Now it’s the high time to prioritize your health status because you cannot only wish to be, you need to work for it. Without proper health you cannot achieve your dreams and fill up your bucket lists, because it is really something you don’t wanna negotiate with.


Observe yourself, wrote down your requirements and we will be catching you soon with some more inputs on this health series blogpost.


                                                            STAY HEALTHY,STAY WORTHY

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