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Grihani Grihotsav GRIHOTSAV 2023


On the vibrant evening of October 26, 2023, Grihanikala Private Limited orchestrated a spectacular event, “Grihotsav” a celebration dedicated to the essence of home and women employment. This unique gathering brought together a diverse community to revel in the warmth and beauty of startups, marking it as a memorable occasion that transcended the ordinary.

With the gleamed presence of Smt Reeta Bahuguna Joshi, MP, Uttar Pradesh and Mrs. Jyoti Nigotia , Director NSIC, Prayagraj, sparkled the event with their motivating words and inspiring deeds. The event gathered all the booming and inspiring women startups to showcase their products and prove their individuality to the masses.


The event showed up various women centric startups from different fields varying from cloth and fashion industry to food and tech industry. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants added more sparkle and life to the event.

The event was organized to align all women entrepreneurs and cherish the women spirit of workforce and courage. Grihotsav is an annual event of the company and it will always aim to support, promote and uplift women entrepreneurs. It’s an event that salute the never dying passion of being independent no matter what age to they belong.

Grihanikala Private Limited understands the challenges faced by women in the business world and recognizes the untapped potential that lies within them. Grihotsav was conceived with the vision of providing a dedicated space for women entrepreneurs to shine, fostering a supportive environment where they can prove their identity in the market.

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